Visual Impairments: Best exercises to improve your eye vision and reduce eye strain naturally

Visual ImpairmentPeople who have vision problems normally think there are two ways to fix them, either get Lasik or wear corrective lenses. What if I said you could improve your vision with exercise and natural DIY remedies before you set out on the road to attaining Eagle Vision or something close to it? 

Visual Impairment
  • Keep your eyes clean

You most likely start with a good face wash every morning. well, your eyes need proper hygiene.

Cold water is just fine for removing all the ways that it collects in your eyes overnight. 

If you add a trifle of powder to water, you’ll get a more effective wash that’ll help relieve eye strain and improve your vision. Use it twice a day before and after bed. And it’s common sense. But still, if you wear contacts, keep your hands and legs clean.

Wash your hands before putting them on and disinfect your lenses properly. No, to use 

  • Warm hand technique

This remedy is an iveta technique. 

Yes, that one, the really old healing system from India.

Rubs your palms to make them warm and keep them in your eyes for one minute

You can now try this exercise.

Like body muscles, your eyes need some good old exercise to stay strong.

  • Round clock exercise

This exercise will require some imagination, not just muscle, to sit down and close your eyes. No peeking.

Imagine there’s an old school block in front of you. Now find the numbers 12 and six on it, keep your eyes closed and rotate them clockwise from 12 to six.

Do this five times. Imagine the clock, locate those numbers, don’t move.

Once again, Two more times this exercise can help fix blurry vision problems.


  • Round anti-clock exercise

Now let’s do the same in the opposite direction.

Move your eyes counterclockwise.

Once again, your eyes should still be closed and one more time you’re giving your eyes a good workout to spice it up,

you can try going from imaginary three to imaginary nine as well.

Number four, draw geometric figures with your gaze.

Another exercise requiring imagination this time will do it with our eyes wide open.

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